We are honoured to release this stunning mix curated by sound installation and performance artist Charlotte Parallel. All but one of the artists featured are currently based in Ōtepoti and many were also involved in Trace Music, a recent exhibition held at Blue Oyster Art Project Space in partnership with mf/mp record label.

Charlotte’s practice explores the relationship our bodies have to sound waves, transduction, conduction and seismic vibrations, making audible elements that are constantly moving through and around our environment. In addition to Trace Music, her recent works include Deep Time as part of FOUR (Dunedin Public Art Gallery, 2018), which played with recordings of the earth from different sites across the city; and ATM (Audio Foundation, 2018), a continued exploration of how we exist within an invisible electromagnetic field.

Charlotte also runs The Anteroom, a DIY artist-run initiative based in the former Masonic Lodge at Port Chalmers. The Anteroom has played a vital role in the experimental music and art community of Ōtepoti since its foundation in 2010 and has provided an intimate space to experience local and international artists.

Dive into deep time!



eves - shimmer (title homage to Australian artist Deborah Bird Rose)

Rose James - Field Recordings CHCH Police Building 2014: Abandonment to demolition

Charlotte Parallel - Makereatu / Te Wai o Tinirau / Blackhead Quarry

William Henry Meung - Fox hole

Leben Young - Glean

Charlotte Parallel - Auckland Volcanic Plateau

Charlotte Parallel - Logan Point Quarry and storm drains

Karl Leisky - (Ph)ish_mans.panexe