MESH return from summer break with an intimate split mix from ENT (Nathan Taare).

Nathan is renowned for his intoxicating masked performances and electronic drone soundscapes and we’re stoked to have him feature as our first mix for 2019!

“The first half of this mix is music that I collected while traveling Cuba and Mexico. This Afro-Cuban style of music is a part of the Santeria (worship of saints) faith brought to the Americas by the Yoruba people of Western Africa during the times of slavery. The Yoruba people carried with them various religious customs, including a trance and divination system for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice, and sacred drumming and dance.

I was deeply affected by this music, people and culture and it became a big part of what I have brought back to Aotearoa in terms of inspiration for my own artistic output.

The noticeably digitally sounding second half is unreleased, unmastered and jamming collage solo music I recorded over 2018. It was created with trance and ecstatic motivations in mind. This material, which was picked out of hundreds of random recordings, is not really ENT music as such. More just jams, ideas and sound based vibes and recorded improvisations that I thought kind of match the feelings and ideas I get from the Conga music.

The photo was taken by me inside a make shift recording studio/beach hut/worship space at La Punta, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico. 2017.”



0.00 - 32.35 - Various Tracks from Oddua, Mambos - Kougos Pateros & Salsa para los Orishas

32.36: Kick Heavy - Nathan Taare, Unreleased, Recorded in Upper Hutt, 2018

36.48: Jingle Bee - Nathan Taare, Unreleased, Recorded in Berhampore, 2018

38.00: Kaitoke Toke - Nathan Taare, Recorded in Upper Hutt, 2018 and released on Noise Drone Repeat's mixtape Oct 2018

42.42: Seriously - Nathan Taare, Recorded for VUZU Performance group, Splore 2018